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Enter your predictions for as many or as few matches as you want. As matches are played, your prediction score will be updated daily.


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>How to Score Points?

Points System


You earn points for:

  • 1 point for Correct Home Score
  • 1 point for Correct Away Score
  • 2 points for Exact goals difference
  • 3 points for correct Winner or Draw

* Total score for an exact prediction is 7 points

Use the joker!

  • Use a Joker when predicting to double your prediction score.
  • Earn a new Joker every 10 predictions.
  • Once registered, we get your started with 2 bonus Jokers.

* At the end of the month, jokers are reset to 5 only

>Earn bonus points

Bonus System

Earn a bonus

You earn a bonus if you are among the few who predicted the exact score or the match winner of a particular match.

Bonus value

Depends on total number of players who predicted the match and the number who predicted correctly.

Weekly prize

* At the end of the month, jokers are reset to 5 only

>Special Matches

Special Matches

Gold Match

Everyone will earn double points.

Death Match

All bonuses will be tripled. Wrong predictions will result in 5 points deduction.

Silver Match

Match is sponsored with a special prize for top prediction score. Jokers aren't allowed in sponsored matches.



DQ weekly champion

The top scorer every week
Combo from DQ

ManLook Matches

The winners of some selected matches
A collection of ManLook products

November Champion

The top scorer during the whole month
Smart Watch

*Prizes are currently available to residents of Egypt ONLY .