KamKam Arena is for venues where fans gather to watch sports games

Transform your venue to a virtual competitive Arena
Increase retention among your sports fans with prizes
Attract more customers through KamKam's Arena listings & notifications
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How KamKam Arena works?

  • Once registered, start by adding your location
  • Create an event by picking one of the avaiable matches
  • Decide a prize for that event
  • On match day, ask your fans to join the event on KamKam App
  • Fans will predict the result of the match before it starts
  • After match ends, predictions will be scored by the system
  • The fan with highest score wins the prize

How much does KamKam Arena cost?

  • Get free 2 events monthly
  • Pay only when you want to organize more events
  • Buy one event or more for a discounted price
  • There are 3 tiers for events to suit your particular needs:
  • $25/event, $12.5/event when you buy 50
  • Create events from existing matches
  • 1 prize per event
  • Keeper+
  • $40/event, $20/event when you buy 50
  • Create any match you want
  • Up to 3 prizes per event
  • Your logo in Arena listing
  • Coming soon
  • Striker+
  • $50/event, $25/event when you buy 50
  • System will notify your previous customers with your new events
  • Access to customer analytics
  • Coming soon
Register to Get 2 Free Events